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Nurse Rachel is an ADVANCED Medical Nurse Practitioner

Nurse Rachel Medical

Coronavirus turned my life upside down as I can safely assume that it did for most of us. My usual everyday routine was challenged and I had to find other ways to spend my time that kept me productive and sane!

I decided that I was going to use this time to challenge myself to do all the things that I’ve always wanted to do, yet have never had the time to do it, not to mention that I quickly realised that all of my hobbies included restaurants, pubs and non-essential businesses (go figure)….So, I set out to create a newfound normal and incorporated some interesting changes that I have mixed reviews on.


Meditation – this one has been great, I’ll admit at first I found it hard to calm my mind and remove thoughts of fake tan and beauty regiments… but once I did I really found that it helped to reduce my stress levels during this time and helped me to gain clarity and focus.



Cooking – I have never been a great cook, but I’ve always enjoyed food. So I decided to invest in some healthy eating cookbooks and try out recipes that I have never tried before and although I did encounter some fails (including nearly burning down my kitchen whilst making kale – thanks Kourtney Kardashian) – I have picked up some great, easy to make meals that I will continue to indulge in even when this lockdown ends.


Learning how to play the piano – Yes, I know, even my family and friends couldn’t help but snigger when I threw this one out into the world… but hear me out. I have always wanted to play the piano since I was a child I have found it soothing and a fascinating skill to have, so I tried and failed, and tried again… and now I can proudly say that I can play a tune or two without sounding like a cat died in my living room. YAY for small wins!


Health Kick – Yes, I think after prolonged Netflix binges and takeout’s, you get to a point where you kick yourself in the backside and have a moment of “This cannot continue”- knowing full well that I will have to be seen in public again.

I decided to start exercising and have been enduring the pain (literally) of the Pilates classes with the goddess Pamela Rief on YouTube and regular HITT sessions that literally HIT my body into immense suffering for up to two days afterwards, but hey, beauty is pain, right?


I also did the Kylie Jenner Celery Juice challenge – and whilst I will say that it most definitely is a challenge as it tastes like grass and is immensely hard to swallow – it also DOES NOT WORK! So yes, I digested, grass tasting juice for one week – for NO reason! Fail of all fails!


Now on to what you came to this blog for, all things beauty!


I am in love with the Obagi and ZO skincare range. These products WORK and you will see results after a few weeks of using them. I only recommend the best products to my clients that I have tried and tested myself to ensure that the products do what they say they will (and aren’t just a marketing ploy) – and these skincare collections are just divine. Your skin will be glowing, firmer and baby soft! Click this link to find out more….

I also recommend you to try out Heights Vitamins – They are amazing for brain health and general health and I found that they gave me a boost during this time when I needed it the most to feel more energised and focused! They are also great for boosting your immune system, which during these unprecedented times is a real plus. I am also excited to announce that I am now allowed to medically treat clients who feel they need an IV infusion, which is a mix of 100%  vitamins directly deposited into your veins. It’s very popular now to boost your immune system! Contact me for a consultation!


Until the next time…






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