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Nurse Rachel is an ADVANCED Medical Nurse Practitioner

IV Drip

Immuno Booster Drip

Reboot your system with our Immuno Bppster IV Drip. Not only will it give your immune system an incredible boost, it helps with mental clarity. Perfect for the busy business person.

Athlete Sport Drip

Powering you to peak performance, our Athlete Sport IV Drip is packed with vitamins and amino acids which will help you when it matters most. Another great benefit is improved recovery times.

Mood Support Drip

Sometimes, we just need to wind back and chill out. Our Mood Support drip will help you to do just this by relaxing your body and mind. You’ll feel completely recharged after this IV Drip

Detox Fat Burning

This IV Drip comes with an expert blend of vitamins and minerals designed to help your body burn fat and lose weight. These ingredients essentially help to accelerate your metabolism and burn calories and energy at a faster rate.

Hair Tonic

Our Hair Tonic IV Drip will bring that gorgeous natural shine back to your hair. It provides much needed nourishment and hydration which will improve the strength of your hair

ATP Energiser

Our ATP Energiser IV Drip will give you a healthy pick me up like no other. It’s packed with the energising vitamin B, which are essential when it comes to your body producing energy.

Skin Lightening

Our Skin Lightening IV Drip lightens your skin from the inside by using a powerful antioxidant. Not only does it give you a brighter complexion, it feeds some amazing vitamins and minerals into the bloodstream.

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Available for home visits or businesses within the Mayfair and St Johns areas.

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